Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Telescopic text

Science fiction writing

Are they on the moon?
These people are astronauts who are hovering around earth and the moon. They are about to land on one of Saturn's moons and research the aliens that live there.

Are these creatures aliens? 
Those people are people who look at the moon and the earth to measure how big it is.

Are they going to live in the spaceship?
They live like astronauts. They have rocket-boots attached to them. They sleep in their space room and float in their sleep. They eat food from a computer.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Food technology - Inquiry model

We think food is... something you eat to keep you alive.

We think technology...something that is invented to make things better/easier/faster.

We think food technology could be...

5 images (acknowledge) to show food that could be made better.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

This morning we have been writing stories in Te Reo. Watch out for these posted on our individual blogs soon.

Here is some of the vocabulary we can recall:

waewae - leg
awa - river
nui - big
kakariki - green
whero - red
aporo - apple
aroha - love
panana - banana
ārini - orange
te - the
whakamataku - awesome
haere tonu - keep going
reka - delicious
ataahua - beautiful
tenei ra - today
pāngarau - maths
tama - boy
tuhituhi - writing
rā rima - daily 5
hui - meeting/team talk
waiata - song
korero/whakaronga - oral language (talk/listen)
kura -school

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Parkour Google Drawings

We are becoming experts at Google Drawing to illustrate our writing. For more examples have a look at our individual blogs.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Korero about outdoor art

We are learning to use precise language.

There were hedges along the bank of the mural - Isla

There were hidden butterflies.

I saw the little mushroom houses that are made from cardboard - Hassan

I saw a spider, it had 7 legs not 8 -Nishant

I saw the 3D mushroom houses. They were made from something I don't know. Nicholas

Friday, 28 July 2017

Genius hour: Art that grows

Max - If I make moss grow, how can I turn it into art?

Jackson - How can I make art out of plants?

Anuhus - Is it possible to make optical illusion moss art?

Raedence/Terangi/Anna - Will growing moss art work?

Isla - How can I make art out of plants?

James - How can you make art with flax from the ground?

Jamie/Ivan/Dakota - How can we make art out of moss?

Zari - How can we make fern art?

Jawad - How could we make the school logo on the roof, out of something nature?

Janriche - How can I turn moss to art?

Daniel - Can you take away moss and make colourful growing art?

Summer - 

Whaea - What other types of art can we grow?

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


WALT write riddles. 

Have a think about our riddles and see if you can answer them in the comments.

Nishant - What can be half-broken but can be used?

Phoenix - A mother dog has 3 puppies. The first is called Pepper, the second is called Chilli and the third is called Suzie Q. What is the mother's name.

Tom - If you go in a haunted house and the door locks behind you. There are 3 doors and the power's off. Behind the doors are a tiger, a never ending hole and an electric chair that will give you a death shock. Which door should you choose?

Zari - What lives in the water (beach) but can't move?

Sofiia - What is not alive but like a teacher?

Isla - What runs around your house but doesn't move?

Ryan - Where are we?

Tommy - Who buys it, but doesn't need it, it is empty but not for long?

Nicholas - It has a nose but no face, it runs but never walks, it can dive but is dead in the water. What is it?

Zeno - I can take the form of a bear, a fish, a scorpion and a cow. You can see me at certain times but you need an open mind. What am I?

Eden - I am full of keys but I don't open doors. What am I?

Summer - What has four legs, ears and fur?

Devon - What can you hear but can't see?

Trey - There is a haunted house. When you walk in there are 3 doors - behind them are a lion, and a bunch of deadly loom bands and a T-Rex. Which door would you go in?

We were literate by writing. We use the yellow toolkit.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Tongue Twisters

We are learning to write tongue twisters. Have a go at saying these ones:

Anna - Don't hug a bug because it might be a slug.

Hassan - Ted was in a bed in a shed.

Jawad - Jawad and Jafar jumped to Japan to see flying frogs from Japan.

Hodan - Maddison 's middles are muddling around. 

Raedence - New shoe on the shore who met Mr McClaw who had it all.

Cassia - I saw a man who had a hip, he ripped the clothes then left in a zip without a tip.

Nick - A duck chucked ducks at a duck chucking ducks at bucks chucking bucks.

Piata - Tia's tights tittle 'til tie til fittle tail.

Sharisse - Flying foxes forget Foxland.

Reflection: We wonder if any other schools or classes could write tongue twisters.

Toolkit: We think creatively to write these tongue- twisters.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Matariki Tuhituhi

Ruma Tekau celebrated Matariki by choosing a type of writing (tuhituhi) that they were interested in. Each group collaborated and followed a checklist (rubric) they had constructed with Whaea Georgia, to check if they were on track. There were slideshows, narratives, games, google drawings, animations and movies made to share their knowledge or own fictional Matariki stories. 

More facts are here.

Reflection: I learnt where the stars of matariki are. I used the yellow toolkit ( literati )

Check out the Matariki links on the right of our blog to learn more about it.

Artist Studio morning slideshows

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Art Studio Morning Prediction and Questions

What if?




I wonder...?

Tyson - What is art for?

Tom - Why are we bringing artists to our school?

Maddison - I wonder why we need to go to the hall and see the artists?

Matiu- What types of things can be art?

Aisha - Who made the art?

Tyson - I wonder if art can be held

James - What kind of  supplies do they use?

Eden - What if art could be
one colour?

Terangi - I wonder what the artists will do and make/paint?

Tommy - What kind of origami will you see?

Sariah - Do they use different supplies?

Alex - Can we look at their art?

Nishant - I wonder if you can do art with only black and white?

Hassan - Why will we go to see the artists?