Friday, 28 July 2017

Genius hour: Art that grows

Max - If I make moss grow, how can I turn it into art?

Jackson - How can I make art out of plants?

Anuhus - Is it possible to make optical illusion moss art?

Raedence/Terangi/Anna - Will growing moss art work?

Isla - How can I make art out of plants?

James - How can you make art with flax from the ground?

Jamie/Ivan/Dakota - How can we make art out of moss?

Zari - How can we make fern art?

Jawad - How could we make the school logo on the roof, out of something nature?

Janriche - How can I turn moss to art?

Daniel - Can you take away moss and make colourful growing art?

Summer - 

Whaea - What other types of art can we grow?

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


WALT write riddles. 

Have a think about our riddles and see if you can answer them in the comments.

Nishant - What can be half-broken but can be used?

Phoenix - A mother dog has 3 puppies. The first is called Pepper, the second is called Chilli and the third is called Suzie Q. What is the mother's name.

Tom - If you go in a haunted house and the door locks behind you. There are 3 doors and the power's off. Behind the doors are a tiger, a never ending hole and an electric chair that will give you a death shock. Which door should you choose?

Zari - What lives in the water (beach) but can't move?

Sofiia - What is not alive but like a teacher?

Isla - What runs around your house but doesn't move?

Ryan - Where are we?

Tommy - Who buys it, but doesn't need it, it is empty but not for long?

Nicholas - It has a nose but no face, it runs but never walks, it can dive but is dead in the water. What is it?

Zeno - I can take the form of a bear, a fish, a scorpion and a cow. You can see me at certain times but you need an open mind. What am I?

Eden - I am full of keys but I don't open doors. What am I?

Summer - What has four legs, ears and fur?

Devon - What can you hear but can't see?

Trey - There is a haunted house. When you walk in there are 3 doors - behind them are a lion, and a bunch of deadly loom bands and a T-Rex. Which door would you go in?

We were literate by writing. We use the yellow toolkit.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Tongue Twisters

We are learning to write tongue twisters. Have a go at saying these ones:

Anna - Don't hug a bug because it might be a slug.

Hassan - Ted was in a bed in a shed.

Jawad - Jawad and Jafar jumped to Japan to see flying frogs from Japan.

Hodan - Maddison 's middles are muddling around. 

Raedence - New shoe on the shore who met Mr McClaw who had it all.

Cassia - I saw a man who had a hip, he ripped the clothes then left in a zip without a tip.

Nick - A duck chucked ducks at a duck chucking ducks at bucks chucking bucks.

Piata - Tia's tights tittle 'til tie til fittle tail.

Sharisse - Flying foxes forget Foxland.

Reflection: We wonder if any other schools or classes could write tongue twisters.

Toolkit: We think creatively to write these tongue- twisters.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Matariki Tuhituhi

Ruma Tekau celebrated Matariki by choosing a type of writing (tuhituhi) that they were interested in. Each group collaborated and followed a checklist (rubric) they had constructed with Whaea Georgia, to check if they were on track. There were slideshows, narratives, games, google drawings, animations and movies made to share their knowledge or own fictional Matariki stories. 

More facts are here.

Reflection: I learnt where the stars of matariki are. I used the yellow toolkit ( literati )

Check out the Matariki links on the right of our blog to learn more about it.

Artist Studio morning slideshows

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Art Studio Morning Prediction and Questions

What if?




I wonder...?

Tyson - What is art for?

Tom - Why are we bringing artists to our school?

Maddison - I wonder why we need to go to the hall and see the artists?

Matiu- What types of things can be art?

Aisha - Who made the art?

Tyson - I wonder if art can be held

James - What kind of  supplies do they use?

Eden - What if art could be
one colour?

Terangi - I wonder what the artists will do and make/paint?

Tommy - What kind of origami will you see?

Sariah - Do they use different supplies?

Alex - Can we look at their art?

Nishant - I wonder if you can do art with only black and white?

Hassan - Why will we go to see the artists?

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Last week our new Energizer came to visit. His name is Jonno. He taught us some new small ball throwing and catching skills. The first game we learned was called Snowball tag. (explain the game).Then he taught us how to hit the ball off the T. We learned that to swing and hit the ball we have to put both our hands at the bottom of the bat. We all had a turn at hitting. 

Reflection: We wondered if the ball would break if we hit it hard. We wondered if lots of practice would make us better hitters.

Toolkit: We used the orange toolkit when we were actively involved in the games.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Rita Angus landscapes

In Room 10 we have been using our Creative Literacy to practice artistic skills. We looked at the landscapes of New Zealand artist, Rita Angus. We decided on criteria to help us replicate her style.

We then searched our school landscape for a spot to take a photo.

We used our own landscape photos to look closely at the basic shapes and then recreate these using crayon and dye on A4 sized paper. 

Genius hour

Genius hour is underway in Kea Hub of Kauri team. Groups from across have been working on asking 'Ungoogleable Questions' to help them direct a project they are interested in. Come in and ask us about our Genius hour projects.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Healthy lunchboxes - Explanation Writing

Healthy lunchboxes - By Hassan and Tyson Room 10

I have a sandwich and a apple and a banana
Go - sandwiches are go foods. They give us energy to keep going .
Grow  - Cheese is a grow food because it helps us grow our brains / muscles/
Glow  - bananas and all fruit and vegetables are glow foods.they make glow inside and out with vitamins/ minerals.
What can be in your lunch boxes

  • Banana
  • Sandwich
  • Apple
  • Meat
  • Mango
  • Rice
  • Tuna
  • Salad

Healthy lunchboxes by Isla and Zari, Room 10

These are Go and a Grow foods.
The sandwiches are [Go] foods.
Feijoas are [Glow] foods. These are the the foods in my lunchbox, feijoas, cheese balls, sandwiches and a chocolate muffin.
This is Zari’s lunchbox.  
This is my healthy lunchbox.
In the paper is a {Go} food.It is a wrap.
The feijoas are {Glow} foods.
These are the foods in my lunchbox.
Crackers,prunes,feijoas, wrap and banana chocolate chip thing.
GO FOODS- Wraps are GO foods.
They give us energy to keep going
GROW FOODS-cheese is a grow food because it helps us grow our brain/muscles/bones.
GLOW FOODS-Bananas and all fruit are glow food.

Healthy lunchboxes - By James and Nick, Room 10

My glow food is apple. My go foods are a bun and a hot cross bun. My grow foods was chicken and cheese. My slow food is crackers. - Nick

My glow food is an apple and feijoas. My go food is my sandwich. My slow food is nutella in my sandwich. - James

What are the kinds of healthy food?
A glow food is a fruit or vege. It helps us glow with vitamins
A grow food is a animal products. They help us grow our muscles, bones and brains
A go food is a grain product eg. Bread, plain popcorn and it gives us energy for the day.
A slow food is something with so much sugar or salt or fat eg. chocolate biscuits, chocolate, flavoured water, hot chocolate, marshmallows and pie and pizza.

A very healthy lunchbox would have:

  1. Orange
  2. Apple
  3. Feijoas
  4. Egg
  5. Ham
  6. Chicken
  7. Samwich
  8. Bun
  9. Plain popcorn
  10. Wrap
  11. Banana
In conclusion you should not eat something from the slow list but you should eat 2 go, 2 grow and 1 glow for a balanced diet.

Healthy lunchboxes
By Raedence, Devon and Anab
My glow food is my fruit which helps me glow inside and out with vitamins and minerals.
My go food is my crackers and bun which keeps me going.
I have a chocolate chip cookie which is a slow food.

My Glow food is my banana.It helps shine in the inside & outside.
My Go food is my bun(bread). It keeps me going with energy inside of me.
My Grow food is cheese in my bun, to help grow my muscles, bones & brain.

My glow food is a apple it helps me shine in the inside & outside.
My grow food is cheese in a crossiant & yoghurt. The crossiant gives us energy to go.

  • Chesse
  • A sandwich
  • Ham
  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Banana.
These are good things to have in a healthy lunchbox.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Taniwha writing continued

Rapare te 30 o Pouto-te-rangi // Thursday 30 March


The taniwha becomes ghost white for 1 second then converts to his invisible self when it taps its head! The only seen/visible part is the orange and big fire from its super long tail.

People got confused on why there is levitating fire, The taniwha is at the gateway crawling slowly to the front of the line being unpolite and evil. People from the marae greet Hamilton East School to the marae. Hamilton East School followed them to a meeting place. The taniwha heard cicadas, birds, and footsteps. The meeting ended, the taniwha went to the whare kai and started eating, It smelt delicious. He thought "I think I have eaten too much!", He stopped eating. He decided to look at Kapa Haka perform and it look 5 minutes, He thought "That was a good performance!" then he decided to scare some people, He found someone and became visible and shouted "Hello!" in a super sinister voice and started flying towards the random victim and started screaming super loud and it hurt everyone's ears. He stopped and became invisible and went into the bus with the kids and the bus driver was scared about the fire. He tried to remove it with some water but it reappeared 5 seconds after.
Written by James

My Golden Taniwha
My Taniwha can show up in darkness, and my Taniwha
will say if he’s angry
“No one can kill me ha ha ha ha!”
It scary and do not hit him him - you’ll die.
It ONLY show in darkness he invisible!
Darkness so powerful
it can destroy all parts of other taniwhas.
But when people die at marae it’s sad for my taniwha EVEN though he’s evil.
But there are no other evil taniwhas. My taniwha is evil but only kills other bad taniwhas
It save people in New zealand.
No one can kill my taniwha.
*Taniwha speaks* “HA HA HA HA”
No one can hear my taniwha.
My taniwha feels scary sometimes!
People think he’s scares people but he scares taniwhas, he save people! My taniwha’s name is Ryan. My taniwha looks scary to some people. It has the coolest, best attacks and abilities. My taniwha is made of gold, and tiny, tiny, tiny diamonds. Big, big, big gold. My taniwha is big and golden!!

Story created by Ryan D

My taniwha went on the bus.  When he got off the bus.  The taniwha smells the yummy food in the marae. The yummy food he smelt in the marae was rotting bananas and eel and dead rat and he ate it. He could hear the Kapa Haka singing loudly. The taniwha went crazy with the food, everybody looked at the food and no one was there. There only a mess.
Written by Sharisse.

The taniwha at the marae.
The taniwha has a red nose is smelling some food at the marae because he is hungry. He can feel Hamilton East School’s welcome at the marae. I can see some Kapa Haka songs. He think he want to sing a song. “I hear people singing a song. Who is singing a song? Kapa Haka is singing a song. Cool.”
The taniwha is watching people doing Kapa Haka. The taniwha had a red and black tail and the taniwha is happy too.
Written by Summer

The Taniwha going to the Marae.
He looks like the size of a dragon and it makes pranks. And its hears the lovely song that we are singing and it’s making pranks to me at the marae. It made pranks on the kapa haka while they was doing kapa haka. After we all were done we went on the bus but one of the kids. Then the taniwha got the kid’s leg and the kids didn’t see anything and got on the bus and we all went back to school. The taniwha was still forcing us to school but when I got off the bus they kick me on the ground and it hurt a lot but after that I was so much better like before. I almost saw the taniwha but I remember that it was funny at the marae and I remember that the taniwha was green and all after that I forgot all about that and it was lovely and funny at the lovely marae. I loved it there and I wished that we were going to go back again. I remember at the marae the marae taniwha made me fall down on the garden. I remember that it was a lovely day at the marae and the taniwha’s pranks are making kids fall down and he looks invisible and no one at the marae can see him and he can do a lot of pranks. At the marae the kapa haka did kapa haka and the taniwha did kapa haka too. The taniwha had so much fun at the marae.
Written by Terangi

The Taniwha
When the taniwha was in the river  he overheard  that Hamilton East School were going to a marae! So when all the children were in lines at the waiting area the taniwha snuck on the top of the bus.  When everyone arrived at the marae and was waiting outside, the taniwha was hiding on top of the bus. When everyone was invited into the marae he jumped onto a tree. Then he jumped down and camouflaged on the gateway. Then when everyone was inside talking all the food was placed on a table outside he thought… Then it was his chance he was really hungry from the bus ride! So he ran to the table, when he reached all the glorious food he looked behind him to see if anyone was by him no there wasn't Time to dig in he said.  YUMMY!! When he finished all of the delicious food, he heard the kapa haka performing so he started doing the actions, then he flopped on the ground… 2 minutes later he heard someone coming so he quickly jumped in the bushes and he closed his red eyeballs so he could blend in with the green bush. He saw the children heading to the bus because there wasn't any food so he quickly ran and jumped on top of the bus then when they got back to school he jumped of the bus then went back to the Waikato river.

Written by Zari